Project example: "Alte Schmiede"

("Old Smithy") playground

  • Planned height 1.0/1.5 and 2 m, dimensions of structure with roof protrusion approx. 2.8 x 4 m, height approx. 3 m
  • With climbing wall, hammock net, sliding pole, double bar, rope ladder, rope bridge, platform, ramp with support rope, balance bar, some walls with window openings, coloured glazing,  wooden rooster, pair of storks on roof
  • Stainless-steel slide, planned height 2.0 m, width 0.5 m, material 2 mm thick
  • Dimensions may vary since tree trunks are not completely straight
  • All equipment built in accordance with EN 1176 and 1177
  • Safety items as per standard required
  • Safety area 13.5 x 13.8 m (including slide, planned height 2.0 m)

Materials used:

  • Robinia, naturally grown, planed, not coloured
  • Connections: A2 threaded bars with self-locking nuts and caps
  • All screw connections in stainless steel
  • Covers: robinia or oak panels, approx. 3.0 cm thick
  • Nets/ropes: Hercules cordage
  • Roofs/walls: robinia or oak panels, approx. 2.3 cm thick
  • Beams: square timber oak/robinia, approx. 5 x 8 or approx. 8 x 10 cm
  • Colours (if offered): natural oil scumbles/country-house colours
  • Manufacturer: spielart GmbH

Assembly instructions:

  • Item supplied in three sections
  • Four fitters will take approx. 12 hours for assembly (earth and foundation works not included)
  • Lifting equipment required
  • 14 foundations 50 x 50 x 80 cm, concrete C 20 / C 25